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    What Makes Be Free Bakers Unique?

• WHOLE GRAIN - we use whole grain, gluten-free teff flour

• NUT-FREE - no peanuts or tree nuts

• DAIRY-FREE - no casein, no animal by-products

• CORN-FREE - including our baking powder

• VEGAN - no dairy, eggs, or animal products of any kind

• TRULY NATURAL - the sugar-free mix contains only 9 ingredients

• and still delicious! Check the testimonials page...

We have created yummy, full-flavored, natural-ingredient baking mixes so you can enjoy amazing, good-for-you, right-out-of-the-oven, healthier baked goodies--more whole grains with high fiber, high protein, more iron and potassium! It's really easy - most mixes only ask for 4 or less ingredients to be added. Best of all, you get to eat them warm right out of your own oven, where and when you want them!

All our products are made with uncompromised natural ingredients from the earth, using carefully selected, certified gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free ingredient sources.

Thank you again for visiting Be Free Bakers! See you soon!

Jennifer Ward
Lees Summit, Missouri

Welcome to the Products Page of Be Free Bakers!

We are making a major change to our products page. While that is happening you can still order several ways.

You may order by calling Jennifer at 816-803-1101 or simply sending an email to If you are local to the Kansas City Metro area, please send an email with your requests as we love to meet our customers in person! (Plus, it saves you the FedEx charges – win/win!)


About Us

Be Free Bakers is a family-run business, originally born of a desire for delicious, healthy, allergen-free baked goods for our family, friends and neighbors. Simply finding one tasty cake, cupcake or muffin for a holiday or birthday party that everyone could share became nearly impossible as our friendships grew and everyone's allergies and intolerances became known. As recently as two years ago, there were three cakes at one birthday party! (One was gluten free, one vegan and one "traditional" - all were highly sugar-laden.)

Be Free Bakers officially started in August 2009 selling at the "City Market" in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, in the River Market District. What a great success! The responses were amazing, heartwarming, and full of great energy. We went back in 2010 with even more resounding success. This year, we decided to take the summer off the market and refocus on stores, restaurants and coffee shops (and spend more time with family).

Check out our testimonial page for just some of the many compliments and comments! We’ve had smiles, cheers, happy tears, repeat "breakfast" customers and loads of referrals. We’ve been honored to provide our treats for weddings, birthday parties, office parties and retirement celebrations. Thank you, City Market for our humble beginnings - and thank you to all our wonderful stores, restaurants and coffees shops who carry our products! We wouldn’t exist without you.

Please check our “retail locations” page for where to find our products and support your local community.

The goal of Be Free Bakers is to provide you with an absolutely delicious, good-for-you treat that anyone with or without an allergy can enjoy any time. We use only the highest quality ingredients purchased from companies with integrity. More than 70% of our ingredients are organic, and we’re striving to raise that number. The main ingredient in most of our products is whole grain teff flour, a high-protein, high-fiber, high-iron & potassium-content grain that was first cultivated in Ethiopia around 4,000 B.C.E. The reason we use teff is because of its incredible nutrient values and excellent baking properties.

We hope you’ll find that Be Free Bakers suits your family’s needs for delicious, healthy snacks at any time of day – for breakfast, with a cup of coffee or tea, as an afternoon snack or a decadent dessert!

Please contact us with any questions or requests or just to say hi! We love a challenge; don’t hesitate to ask if you have a favorite that needs to be allergen-free. In fact, over the past two years, we have made quite a few subtle but significant changes—the most recent one was eliminating all possible sources of corn in our cookies (we changed xanthan gum to guar gum and deleted the liquid vanilla in favor of a fabulous wildcrafted ground vanilla bean). We feel confident we'll be able to provide you with a healthy, tasty version of your favorite product without sacrificing flavor or texture!

Thank you for visiting Be Free Bakers!


Jennifer Ward

For more information about Be Free Bakers, to ask a question or simply to comment on something, please feel free to send us an email or call:

Jennifer Ward
Be Free Bakers
Lees Summit, MO

We welcome any and all comments, questions, suggestions, requests for recipe ideas for the mixes, new product ideas and more!

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What people are saying about Be Free Bakers:

Marsha G.
It was great to meet you at Maker Faire KC! The Bomb cookie was indeed wonderful. Both taste and texture were great! We did go to Waldo Pizza, and it was the best g-f [gluten-free] pizza I have had! FANTASTIC! And the yummy chocolate deliciousness for dessert was simply divine! It’s a great reason for us to drive two hours to KC again.

Robbin R.
Yea!! It [pizza crust] was awesome!!!!!!! Now I want to try it on the grill:) yum!!!!

Gina S.
After talking to you on the phone, I did a u-turn back to Centerpoint Hospital to get me some cookies!!

Trisha T.
I do love them there is no better in the world!

Melani G. could it possibly be "wrong"!?!??! Sounds DELIGHTFUL!! You come up with the BEST flavor combos!! Nice job!! :)

A recent email:
"I normally do not gloat about food products, but I have to tell you, today, on a whim, I bought 3 of your cookies from The Mixx on 51st and Maine... I must admit, I was hesitant... But I am now hooked! I love your cookies! Phenomenal! Keep up the good work." Thank you, M!

Vicky W.
Ohhh I got to try a cinnamon sugar one at the ennovation ctr awhile was fresh from the oven and DELICIOUS!!

Laura R.
My favorite cookies!

Roger G.
I just ate one of your Coconut-Oat Raisin Cookies. Wow!! It was awesome!! And that's coming from a guy who is not allergic to gluten.

Delores W.
Love the COOKIES>>>>>>

Jocelyn B.
Hey, thanks for the free pizza crust the other day (that you gave my boyfriend and i at Whole Foods)! I posted a pic of what we made with it that night, it was delicious! We coated it in olive oil first and it stayed crispy. It was great meeting you!

Jocelyn B.
I just tried your chocolate chip cookie and wow - probably the best gluten-free baked good I've ever tried, sooo good!! Us vegans (and gluten-free people) are lucky to have such a talented baker in KC!

Marisa B.
Heather's creation including Be Free Bakers cookie dough is DIVINE. I may have to go back up there again tonight for more. I am SO glad they decided to include your product with this vegan treat. [Waldo Pizza's Vegan Ice Cream]

Teresa B.
Love your cinnamon sugar cookies! Keep 'em coming to Whistle Stop Coffee Shop in Lee's Summit, please.

Nicole S.

Robbin R.
Your cookies that you sell at Dean & Deluca (119th) are AWESOME!!!!!!! WOW! I am not a vegan or a gluten-free person but I bought them for someone who is and I must say they are better then the kind of cookies I can eat. And the person I bought them for couldn't stop thanking me for getting her something so wonderful! Can't wait to try more of your goodies. YUMMY!

Khristina T.
I tried the coconut oat-raisin cookies. They are AMAZING!!

Zoe A.
The cookies at the event will be beautiful and yummy! Taste tests last night proved they are still the best gf cookies around!

Trisha T.
Your pizza crust Rock's!!!!

Alicia, at the KC City Market
These are the best vegan cookies I have ever had!"

Steve and John, KC City Market
This (your booth) is our regular Sunday breakfast spot! We love your products!

Customer at KC City Market, Sept. '09
These taste like something my grandmother used to make in the 50's!

Customer at KC City Market, Sept. '09
I like the whole grain taste.
So many people have become used to the white stuff, this is refreshing.

Customer at KC City Market, Sept. '09
"I only eat whole grains. These are the bomb! Don't change your recipes no matter what anyone says!"
"Those of you who haven't stopped by the City Market really should. Jen's creations are wonderful. Even my very traditional, fat/dairy/ wheat loving husband agreed!"

Gina T., Kansas City, MO
"What are teffles? Whatever they are called, you can't tell they're gluten-free (or any other allergen-free, for that matter)!!"

Happy customer, KC City Market, talking about the double chocolate teffles he'd just tasted.
"The cupcake, though, I have to confess, I was going to just try a bite, then share it with the boys, but then I had another bite, then was absolutely DEE-VINE. Wow, you have a winner.

Alan Hudson, Chicago, Illinois
I don't have any problems with food allergies or intolerances, but I've had the pleasure of trying a number of Be Free Bakers products. I found them to be delicious and satisfying. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a healthy, tasty treat.

Boppa, Milwaukee, WI
I have known Jennifer for over 30 years, and if she says the products are good, they're good. If you don't believe it, I want to come talk to you. I'm her father, and I ought to know. She is honest about everything, well, except for that broken beer bottle on the stairs incident, but that was a long time ago. So try her stuff and keep an open mind.

Andrea, Lee's Summit, MO
"I love sweets but I am very cautious about what I eat and what I feed my family. It's so hard to find healthy alternatives that taste good. But I think I have finally found my chocolate-fix with the Double Decadence Chocolate cookies. Very yummy!!!"

Happy customer, City Market

I can't believe how good this is! Seriously? It's gluten free AND Vegan? No way! Wow!... Hey, hubby, you gotta try this stuff!!!




• My friends and family who have been listening to me talk about this business for years and trying my concoctions - some yummy, some not so yummy. Scott made me promise never again to make garbanzo bean chocolate chip soup! Oh, yeah... Those were the days! (Actually, in my defense, it was supposed to be chocolate chip cookies, but the ingredients chose not to cooperate! That was before I discovered Xanthan Gum!)
• Seriously, a huge thank you goes to my loving and ever patient and kind husband Scott - who persevered with me and encouraged me to start this business in the first place! Without his support, encouragement and sometimes tough love, I wouldn't even be doing this at all! Thanks Sweetie!
• To my parents, who encouraged me from a young age to not be afraid of anything, to always "go for it" when there was something out there in which I was interested or felt strongly about doing. This is one of those moments! Thank you!
• A special thanks to my "editor" and dear friend Alan Hudson, who has worked with me from the beginning to ensure not only that my grammar is correct, but who has been the most patient, intelligent and astute advisor anyone could ever wish to have!
• Of course, without my daughter and husband being allergic to gluten, nuts and dairy - and our dear friend Terri having serious corn allergies, this business wouldn't exist in its current form!
• It wouldn't be appropriate to omit my City Market customers and testers! Without you, my products wouldn't be vegan and I wouldn't have had anyone on whom to test my many creations! Thank you all for your feedback and continued support! It's amazing.
• Last, but certainly not least - to Brad, my web designer. You wouldn't even be reading this page or ordering anything from Be Free Bakers' Website without him. Brad is the mastermind behind this beautiful website and easy to use format. Thank you so much Brad - I appreciate your hard work!
Thank you to everyone! This business wouldn't exist without each of you participating. It is truly a family and community run operation and I am grateful.



Links to websites that might be helpfull

For more information about Celiac Disease, please visit

For families seeking more information about Autism, please visit

For a naturapathic medical doctor, someone who enjoys getting to the root of your symptoms and who can appreciate eating a raw, vegan diet, please contact Dr. Diane Diehn, Integrative Medical Specialists at

To enjoy a fun-filled blog about eating gluten free, try

To learn some amazing things to do with vegan cupcakes, or to find great recipes to top your Be Free Bakers cupcakes, please buy the book "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero - or visit their website at It's a fun read and a great source for recipes!

For all the great ingredients to put into your mixes, such as coffee flavoring or instant espresso for your Be Free Brownie Mix, go to Whole Foods Market - or, wait for Be Free Bakers to buy it in bulk and offer it to you over the web or at the market! Or... whenever we open our first restaurant/store! But that could take a while, so for now, Whole Foods Market carries all the good stuff. Let's hope they carry my mixes soon too!